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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Children’s Social Security Benefits

Can certain children receive Social Security Benefits?

Most of us think of Social Security as benefiting the elderly, retired and disabled. Most of these benefits do go to people in these categories, but, did you know that children are also entitled to Social Security benefits in certain situations? If you answered no to this question you are not alone. Most people aren’t aware of these entitlements. But, here is a brief summary to update your knowledge.

Social Security benefits for children are often connected to an eligible adult. For example, the children of a retired or disabled parent are eligible for benefits if they are under 18, under 20 and still in school and/or are disabled themselves.  Children must also be unmarried to receive these benefits. If the parent is alive, the child is entitled to up to half of the parent’s benefits. If the parent is deceased and the child is receiving survivor’s benefits, the child can receive up to three quarters of the parent’s benefit. There are limitations to the total amount a child can receive set out by the Social Security Administration and these are calculated on a case by case basis. It is also important to note that Supplemental Security Income is also available to children living in a low-income family who are 22 and under and still in school or 18 and not in school.

Children are usually not allowed to handle their own Social Security benefits. Therefore, the Social Security Administration designates a representative payee to handle the child’s money.  The payments are issued to this designated person, usually a parent, and he or she is obligated to provide for the child’s basic needs using these funds.  Representative payees are also subject to an annual reporting requirement.

If you are considering applying for any type of Social Security benefit you can only increase your chances of being approved by retaining an attorney to guide you through the process.  Contact an experienced Arizona disability attorney for a case evaluation today.

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