Social Security Administration Sponsors National my Social Security Week

What are the benefits of opening a my Social Security account?

The Social Security Administration recently celebrated National my Social Security Week (April 4- 13). In collaboration with a number of state and local groups across the country, the administration hosted a variety of events to educate people about the programs available through the SSA, and also to encourage individuals to open an online my Social Security Account.

In addition to its regional and field offices and other service centers, the SSA provides a wide range of services online. However, for a variety of reasons, the online services are being underutilized. While the SSA sends out periodic statements detailing earnings records and estimated retirement benefits, an online account provides a number of advantages such as tracking and verifying wages on an annual basis. For those who are still working, a my Social Security Account can also provide you with an estimate of future retirement benefits.

One of the pivotal days of the weeklong event was the “Thunderclap Campaign” on National Check Your Statement Day which took place on April 7. The so-called thunder clap was a social media blitz on Facebook and Twitter to remind workers of the importance of checking their annual Social Security statement every year. In so doing, the potential of errors in benefit calculations can be minimized and you can better plan your financial future.

Opening a my Social Security account can also enable you to manage your benefits, keep your personal information up to date, start a direct deposit, or request a replacement Social Security or Medicare card. The SSA is also working with the Treasury Department to educate workers on the importance of retirement savings.

Finally, the annual statement can also help you understand whether you are entitled to Social Security disability benefits in the event that you become disabled before you retire. Upon retiring, these benefits are converted into retirement benefits. While you may be entitled to disability benefits, many claims are often denied and the administration’s guidelines are very complicated. An attorney with expertise in the SSA’s disability benefits program can help you obtain the benefits that you deserve.