Are LTD benefits automatically paid upon submission of a claim?

Some people are lucky to work for companies that include short- or long-term disability insurance as part of their employee benefits package. Others may decide to purchase disability insurance privately if they can afford the added expense—which can be substantial. Alternatively, some people figure they will file for Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) benefits with the federal government if they become disabled.

In general, these non-government disability insurance policies partially replace about 60% of your regular income in the event you become disabled and can no longer work. Generally, short-term policies are less costly (due to the shorter term of the benefits payout) and they cover workers for 3-6 months; long-term policies are more expensive because they can provide coverage for periods that can range from a couple of years to the rest of your career.

As you age, you are more likely to get injured, so disability insurance becomes more costly if you wait to buy it until you are older. Generally, those who work in a dangerous profession where the likelihood of getting hurt is high as well as those who are the primary or sole income earners for their families, should seriously consider long-term disability (“LTD”) insurance.
Just as people who file for SSDI benefits from the federal government can have their applications denied, those who have an LTD policy can be denied by their insurance company when they submit a claim. This may come as quite a surprise to many policyholders who assumed coverage and payouts were guaranteed.

LTD benefits attorneys help disabled people apply or appeal a denial of LTD benefits. They can gather medical evidence, vocational experts’ letters or testimony, personal statements and more to support your long-term disability appeal. It’s important to note that the window to file an LTD appeal of the denial of a claim may be very short, especially if the plan is governed by ERISA, so immediately contacting a skilled disability law attorney for assistance may be your best chance for success on appeal.

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