Roeschke Law, LLC discusses how to avoid the most common mistakes when applying for social security benefits.

Avoiding Common Mistakes Regarding Social Security Disability Benefits

Q: Why Should I Hire a Disability Benefits Attorney?

“How does my disability impact my work life?” That’s a question Arizona disability lawyers handle daily in determining how to help people who have been disabled through illness or accident apply for Social Security disability insurance benefits (SSDI) when they can no longer work. 

Applying for disability benefits is a complex process. There are many common mistakes people make when applying for benefits without the assistance of a skilled disability benefits attorney. A significant percentage of initial applications are denied often for reasons that could’ve been prevented if an experienced attorney was involved in the application process. Fortunately, even if an initial application is denied, an attorney can help with appealing the denial of benefits. 

What qualifies for Social Security Benefits?

There are many qualifying physical and mental impairments that are recognized as conditions that may warrant awarding Social Security disability benefits. These conditions are listed in the Social Security Administration’s so-called “Blue Book”, which is organized by specific body systems and divided into adult and childhood disability assessments.

But having a disability benefits application approved is not as simple as obtaining a doctor’s note that says the applicant is suffering from a particular Blue Book diagnosis. Many other factors can impact the outcome of the application or appeal including:

  • the severity of the condition 
  • how long it has lasted or is expected to last
  • whether the applicant has followed the doctor’s medical advice and/or continued treatment
  • whether the applicant can perform or be trained to perform any other type of work
  • whether the applicant has worked and earned the required number of work credits

An experienced Social Security disability benefits attorney knows how to make an application or appeal stronger, maximizing the chance that benefits may be granted. 

Sometimes Social Security disability benefits are permanent and other times they are temporary. Sometimes an applicant’s condition will improve to the point of them wanting to attempt a return to work. There are systems in place that may allow someone receiving Social Security disability benefits to return to the workforce on a trial basis without jeopardizing their benefits. It is particularly important to consult with an experienced disability benefits attorney before attempting a return to the workforce to avoid jeopardizing existing benefits. 

One young woman, stricken in her early 20s with severe food poisoning suffered bladder and bowel failure that left her with two stomas after her bladder and colon had to be removed. An ileostomy to her small intestine and urostomy to her urinary system were needed to collect stool and urine in separate bags protruding from her abdomen. She reportedly was “homebound” and in extreme physical pain for many years. The condition not only impacted her work life but also her love life as her physical condition reportedly impacted her ability to maintain a romantic relationship, leading to anxiety and depression. 

Today, she feels physically better and reportedly works as an advocate to raise awareness of “sex and disability” and also is a “patient partner at her local hospital”, making improvements in patient-care. 

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