Home office for disabled person working remotely.

Post-Pandemic Remote Work Options for the Disabled

Q: Will disabled people benefit from remote work opportunities after the pandemic?

One possible benefit that could result after the coronavirus global pandemic resolves is that the world will embrace the new reality of working from home. This would be a wonderful thing for many people – especially the disabled.

Disability attorneys of Arizona help those who are overwhelmed and don’t know how to get disability benefits in Arizona.

The process is complex and time-consuming and while it’s possible to submit an application without the guidance of a skilled disability benefits attorney, the reality that 2/3 of initial applications are denied leads many applicants to trust an attorney when applying for disability benefits.

How to choose the right disability benefits program

In a nutshell, the Social Security Administration administers two different disability benefits programs. Social Security Disability Insurance “SSDI” is for applicants who have previously worked and paid into Social Security through payroll deductions prior to becoming disabled. Supplemental Security Income “SSI” does not require work credits, but is a means-based program for applicants with extremely limited income and assets.

Qualifying for disability benefits under either program requires satisfying the government’s definition of being disabled as well as other requirements that are individual to each program.

Many disabled people are able to work–or would be able to return to work–with the right accommodations. Before the pandemic, many employers did not embrace the idea of having their workforce working from home. With no other choice but to adapt to working remotely during the COVID-19 lockdown, employers will hopefully realize the benefits to their businesses and their employees—both disabled and non-disabled – and continue to offer work from home possibilities even after the pandemic is over.

Depending on the nature of the business, costs of operating a brick and mortar business could be reduced. Cutting commuter costs and time can increase employee appreciation, loyalty, and productivity. Eliminating the transportation-related barrier to employment by allowing remote work could be a game-changer for the disabled community.

Sometimes the “last hired and first fired”, disabled workers may still find it challenging to obtain a new position during the expected high unemployment rate and post-pandemic economic downturn. But remote work options may help even the field.

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