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What Documents Do I Need for Social Security Disability?

Applying for Social Security disability benefits is an involved process. The Social Security Administration will require extensive documentation in order for your claim to be effectively processed. Here, we will go into more depth about what documents you will likely be expected to produce as part of the Social Security disability application process. Remember, that thorough documentation is an integral part of seeing your claim succeed.

What Documents Do I Need for Social Security Disability?

It is all too common for a person to be denied Social Security disability benefits due to lack of documentation. In order to be granted Social Security disability benefits, the SSA will require extensive paperwork to be completed. This is true whether you plan to file your application via the telephone, in person, or online. The SSA will use the information provided on these forms and other supporting documentation in order to render a decision as to whether or not your application for benefits will be approved.

Documentation to provide to the SSA as part of your disability application will primarily relate to three things. They will require information about you. They will require information about your medical condition. They will require information about your work and your work history. Medical information and documentation is, of course, of central importance to any disability claim. You will need to be prepared to produce documentation regarding:

  • The terms of all of your medical conditions
  • The dates you were diagnosed with your condition(s)
  • Doctor reports
  • Test results
  • Medical records and any medical documentation regarding the injury or illness that led to your disabling condition
  • Contact information for your doctors, as well as any friends, family members, social workers, or people who can vouch for your disability and the impact it has had on your life

You will also need to provide documentation regarding your personal information and financial status. This means you will need to provide your Social Security number as well as your original birth certificate or proof of U.S. citizenship. If you were in the military prior to 1968, you will need to provide any U.S. discharge papers.

Regarding your financial status, you will need to provide your W-2 forms or your tax returns from the previous year. Additionally, you will be asked to provide pay stubs and settlement agreements as well as any proof that you have received temporary or permanent workers compensation or comparable benefits.

Disability Attorney

When you are disabled either due to an injury or illness, your financial security can feel unstable, to say the least. Your medical expenses can be significant and the added pressure that can come with not being able to work can be severe. Social Security disability benefits can provide crucial financial relief. In order to successfully navigate the benefits application process, however, you need to provide the necessary forms and thorough documentation. Roeschke Law can help you with this. Contact us today.