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The Importance of Your Doctor in the Disability Claims Process

When you apply for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration (SSA), you will need to provide medical records as well as statements from your treating doctors. These are critical elements to a successful disability benefits application. In fact, one of the most common reasons for the denial of applications for disability benefits is not providing the right or enough medical evidence to support the claim. It is also often the case that the objective medical findings held within medical records are not sufficient to really demonstrate the extent of a person’s disability. This is where a written statement from your doctor can be invaluable in adding insight as well as perspective on your disability. Here, we will continue to discuss the importance of the role your doctor can play in the disability claims process.

The Importance of Your Doctor in the Disability Claims Process

First, your doctor will be important in the process of getting the right medical evidence to the SSA. You can work with your doctor to go through the SSA bluebook disability guide to see what information and testing you need in order to submit your claim with the strongest possibility of having it approved. Talk to your doctor about the fact that you are submitting a disability claim and have them elaborate on any opinions they may have as to whether your condition is severe enough to merit Social Security disability benefits. It is important that your doctor is supportive of the process because they can play such a large, supporting role in it.

As you go through the process of treating and testing for your disabling condition, continue to discuss with your doctor concerning the impacts your condition has on your daily activities. Be clear with your doctor about any increase in the severity of your symptoms and whether or not the current course of treatment is working for you. These types of discussions will not only help you receive the treatment you need for your disabling condition but will also assist your doctor in providing a clear and comprehensive statement to the SSA regarding your disability.

A written statement from your treating physician can provide unique insight into your disability claim and give it a clearer form for those reviewing your claim at the SSA. The SSA gives significant deference to those statements and opinions of treating doctors because of the unique insight they can provide. A doctor’s statement to the SSA about a patient’s disability can note the severity and extent of the disabling condition as well as its duration. Furthermore, the statement can detail how the disabling condition impacts your ability function in everyday life as well as how you may be responding to treatments. The statement can also provide insight into how your disabling condition prevents you from performing activities that may be necessary to retain substantially gainful employment.

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