Arizona Disability Benefits Attorney for Neck and Back Injuries

At Disability Attorneys of Arizona, we regularly represent individuals seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for neck and back injuries. Given the challenges in proving these injuries, the majority of initial claims are denied. Working with our experienced disability can make a difference in obtaining the benefits you deserve.

Arizona Disability Benefits Attorney for Neck and Back Injuries

The disability attorneys at Roeschke Law are dedicated advocates of the disabled with a proven history of achieving successful outcomes in disability claims. When you consult with us, our legal team will assist you with every aspect of the claims process, from submitting your application to handling your disability appeal to representing you at the disability hearing. 

Our Phoenix and Tucson disability lawyers will provide you with compassionate, efficient representation and work tirelessly to help you obtain benefits for your neck or back injury. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

Obtaining SSD for Neck Injuries in Arizona

Neck pain and problems have several causes: muscle strain, worn joints, injury (often work-related), compressed nerves, and disease. Neck injury claims typically involve:

  • Degenerative disk disease
  • Whiplash
  • Pinched nerves
  • Herniated disc
  • Arthritis and other inflammatory disorders
  • Infections (e.g. meningitis)
  • Certain types of cancer

As debilitating as a neck injury can be, obtaining benefits can be a challenge. To be eligible for disability benefits, you must be able to show that your condition (1) is expected to last at least one year and (2) prevents you from performing any substantial gainful activity.

Do I have a valid disability claim for my neck injury?

The Blue Book listing for disorders of the musculoskeletal system includes neck pain and spinal disorders and you must be able to show that the nerve root or spinal cord are impacted. If you meet the following requirements, you may automatically qualify for benefits:

  • Spinal nerve root compression pain, limited spinal movement, muscle weakness accompanied by loss of feeling or reflexes 
  • Spinal arachnoiditis, a painful disorder caused by inflammation in the spine that requires you to change positions frequently 

Also, here are other disability listings that may apply to individuals who suffer from neck pain and problems, such as joint dysfunction or rheumatoid arthritis. In any event, your claim must be supported by medical evidence including: 

  • Exam results 
  • Documentation of the range of motion of your neck
  • Laboratory results
  • Medical imaging (CT-Scans, MRIs)
  • Treatment history
  • Records of surgical procedures
  • Prescribed medications

Neck Injuries and Residual Functional Capacity

If your neck injury does not meet the requirements of the disability listing, you may still be eligible for benefits if Social Security determines you are unable to return to work. A disability examiner will assess how your condition limits your ability to perform work activities to determine your residual functional capacity (RFC). 

For example, neck problems may affect your ability to use your arms, and neck pain can prevent you from concentrating on tasks. The disability examiner will review your medical records for such limitations and then look to your RFC, work history, education, and your age to determine if there is other work you can do. 

Given the challenges of obtaining disability benefits for neck pain and injuries, you need a skilled disability attorney on your side. That’s where Disability Attorneys of Arizona comes in. We have a working knowledge of Social Security’s official listing of impairments (the Blue Book) and will work closely with you to prove that you are unable to work because of your neck injury or neck pain. 

Obtaining SSD for Back Injuries in Arizona

A back injury is not only painful, it can prevent you from working for an extended period of time. Social Security recognizes a wide range of back injuries as disabilities, including: 

  • Bulging/Herniated discs
  • Cervical spine injury
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Chronic back pain
  • Lumbar spine injury
  • Spinal meningitis
  • Stenosis of the spine

Social Security will review your application and all of your medical records. Once again, the medical record must show that your back injury is expected to last at least one year. At Disability Attorneys of Arizona, we are well-aware of the importance of medical evidence in your disability determination. For this reason, we will work closely with your doctor to compile a comprehensive medical record that substantiates your claim.

You should know that you may be required to undergo a Consultative Exam (CE) with an independent physician chosen by Social Security. While the results of this exam will play in your claim, your medical record is of primary importance.

Our experienced disability attorneys are committed to helping you obtain the benefits you need and deserve for your back injury, whether through your initial application or the appeals process. Above all, we will always work in your best interests and fight to protect your rights.

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