Applying for Disability Benefits in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas is one of the most famous cities in the U.S. The legendary Las Vegas strip is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Las Vegas has called itself the Entertainment Capital of the World and is most well-known for its resorts, casinos, fine dining, entertainment, nightlife, and shopping. Every year, many Las Vegas residents become unable to work due to serious disabilities. The Social Security Administration provides monthly cash benefits for eligible individuals who cannot work due to their disabilities. These benefits are called Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. If you need assistance applying for disability benefits, your first step should be to speak with an experienced Las Vegas disability benefits attorney.

At Roeschke Law, LLC, We Will Fight for You

At Roeschke Law, LLC, our lawyers have decades of experience helping our clients receive SSDI benefits. You will need to complete an application to the Social Security Administration (SSA). While it is possible to apply on your own, hiring an experienced lawyer will significantly increase your chances of success. We focus our entire law firm on fighting for SSDI benefits on behalf of our clients. 

We will walk you through the entire SSDI application process and fight for your best interests. From filing your initial application to representing you in any appeals for benefits, we are prepared to help you get the benefits you deserve. 

If you have become disabled and unable to work in Las Vegas, we will help you determine whether you are eligible for SSDI Benefits. If you are eligible, we will help you submit a thorough and complete application. At every step of the process, we will provide helpful and supportive legal guidance. 

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits in Las Vegas

After your initial consultation, we will begin the SSDI application process for our new clients. First, we will gather all relevant information regarding your medical condition and your need for SSDI benefits. We will help you fill out your SSDI application wholly and thoroughly. We will ensure you have all of the necessary paperwork and documentation in your application.

Submitting a Complete Initial Disability Application in Las Vegas

When applying for disability benefits, you must submit a completed initial application. Many times, the Social Security Administration will reject applications because they are not filled out correctly or missing important information. Or, the application might be missing important information. The Social Security Administration denies most initial applications. By hiring an attorney to assist you in completing your SSDI application, you will increase your chances of receiving SSDI benefits. 

At Roeschke Law, LLC, we will gather all of the documents you need to submit a complete SSDI application. We understand that it can be overwhelming to gather information when you’re recovering from a serious injury or contending with a serious disability. We will walk you through the process, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Qualifying for Disability Benefits in Las Vegas

The Social Security Administration will maintain specific criteria to decide whether a person qualifies for SSDI benefits. The SSA will review all of the facts in your application and determine if you are unable to work. You will need to show that you cannot continue to work as you did before your disability. Your disability must interfere with your daily activities, and, most importantly, stop you from working.

You will also need to prove that you cannot adjust to another type of work. For example, if you cannot work as a construction worker due to your disability, you will need to show that you also cannot work in an office setting. You will need to show that your disability, severe injury, or illness will likely persist for at least one year or more or may result in your death. 

How the Blue Book Will Affect Your SSDI Application 

The Social Security Administration will verify your medical condition and the treatment you’ve received, as well as your employment records. They will review the records of your medical examinations to determine whether your condition qualifies. The Social Security Administration uses the “Blue Book,” which lists the specific criteria under which claimants will be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. 

The Blue Book has specific criteria for which disabling conditions qualify for SSDI benefits. The Blue Book provides lists of medical conditions that qualify. However, if your particular condition isn’t listed in the book, you can still be eligible if your condition significantly impairs your day-to-day life. 

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If you have a medical disability that prevents you from working, you might be entitled to SSDI benefits. Contact our Las Vegas SSDI office today to schedule your initial appointment with our experienced lawyers.