“Kiel was a very concerned, very attentive, personable attorney that helped me every step of the way. He called back in a timely fashion and assisted me with getting my needs met. He is a professional person and I would surely refer him to others.” – Romester U.

“Mr. Roeschke was recently my attorney for a disability hearing. He was very knowledgeable, friendly,and explained the whole process so i could understand what my potential outcomes could be, good or bad. This was my second firm I had gone through for those particular proceedings. My previous attorney I feel, had dropped the ball on my case. Kiel came to the rescue and took on my case when nobody else would and he got a decision that was in my favor.” – Joe W.

“You have turned my life around.  The money I received from my payments will  allow me to take care of my family again!  Thanks for all your help! – Ernesto T.

“My Disability claim was awarded in my favor. Kiel was responsible for taking my case to the court of appeals…Kiel and his office staff were always understanding, professional, informative, and kind to me.” – Laura K.

“Mr. Roeschke was not only professional, but ‘Human’ and his confidence was comforting – he carried himself honorably… I feel as though I have been rescued from a disaster, and will always be grateful for your help.”  – Dennis P.

“Kiel reviewed both myself and my wife’s case, he did everything he said he would do – followed up, returned calls, and walked us through the complete process. I would hire him again….great job with results……thanks Kiel!”  – Larry and Maryann S.

“I called Kiel after years, and years of struggling with Crohn’s Disease. I worked for years during extreme flare ups until eventually my body couldn’t take it, and I was hospitalized and bed ridden for the better part of 2 years. During that time Kiel took on my case, and took the pressure and worry off me and allowed me to concentrate on recovering. Kiel gathered all medical records and necessary material with no stress on me. My case did drag on for quite a while, but when all was said and done, because of Kiel’s diligence, I was notified 2 weeks prior to my appeal hearing that the decision was going to be entered “Fully Favorable” bypassing the actual hearing. I can’t say enough about the professional manner my case was handled from start to finish!”  – Chris C.

“Mr. Roeschke was able to get my claim approved where others failed, he was unwilling to give up, his perseverance and professionalism produced positive results. He is highly recommended!”  – Dean M.

“Kiel really works hard for his clients, he kept me well informed about what was going on with my case and with his positive outlook during this process he kept me positive until the final outcome. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and cares for his client. I am VERY happy with how Kiel handled my case and I would recommend him to anyone fighting to receive their disability benefits.”  Vonda A.

“I feel that the services I received was excellent and timely. Kiel put a great deal of effort into my case. Which I appreciated greatly. Kiel returned my calls in a timely manner and was very professional. I would recommend him to friends and family!”  – JoAnn W.

“Kiel guided me through the difficult process, and made sure all of my questions were answered. I was even more impressed that whenever I was unsure, or had any questions, Kiel called me personally to address them. I could not imagine facing this grueling process without his help and knowledge.”  – Thomas L.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH! Like I said, you have restored my faith that not all lawyers are bad! I cannot tell you how much your hard work helped me. Again, my heartfelt thanks! – Kevin I.

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