Roeschke Law LLC discusses how theme park disability access passes are sparking lawsuits.

Theme Park Disability Access Passes Spark Lawsuits

Q: Do disability access passes and policies provide reasonable accommodations for the disabled? Disability benefits attorneys of Arizona understand that living with a disability is difficult on a daily basis. Whether the disability is a physical impairment or a mental one—or both—the pain and/or other symptoms associated with it may present the disabled child or […]

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Roeschke Law LLC discusses the major changes that may be coming to the SSI program.

Major Beneficial Changes May Be Coming to the SSI Program

Q: What changes are proposed by the Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act? Most people know that changes to government programs rarely happen quickly and often offer only minor incremental financial increases, if any. This is evident in minimum wage hikes and cost of living increases over the years. But a new proposed law has Arizona […]

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Roeschke Law, LLC discusses how individuals with autism can apply for social security disability benefits.

Autism and Social Security Disability Benefits

Q: Can I apply for disability benefits with autism? Disability Attorneys of Arizona is dedicated to helping people access disability benefits from one–or sometimes both–of the federal government’s two Social Security disability benefits programs.  While those programs are different, and the majority of applicants would potentially qualify for only one or the other, both programs […]

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Roeschke Law, LLC discusses how to apply for social security disability benefits.

How to Get Social Security Disability Benefits

Q: Should I file my own Social Security disability benefits application? Just as most people hire an electrician or plumber rather than attempting those dangerous jobs without the proper training, many people seek help from a skilled Arizona disability benefits attorney when filing for benefits—because being approved is of critical importance.  But unlike plumbers and […]

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Roeschke Law, LLC discusses the best places to work for disability inclusion.

Best Places to Work for Disability Inclusion

Q: What employers consider disability inclusion when hiring? Not all people with disabilities are unable to work. For those who are employable but don’t know where to look for a job, the “Disability Equality Index” is an annual list of the best places to work for disability inclusion. The Index scores companies that practice inclusion […]

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Roeschke Law, LLC discusses a new law that will allow expedited disability insurance payments for terminally ill patients.

Expedited Disability Insurance Payments for the Terminally Ill

Q: Is there a way to expedite payment of SSDI benefits in terminal cases? Qualifying for Social Security disability insurance benefits “SSDI” can be a long, drawn-out process. It also results in a denial of benefits two-thirds of the time, necessitating filing an appeal – which, of course, adds more time to the process. All […]

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Roeschke Law, LLC discusses how to avoid the most common mistakes when applying for social security benefits.

Avoiding Common Mistakes Regarding Social Security Disability Benefits

Q: Why Should I Hire a Disability Benefits Attorney? “How does my disability impact my work life?” That’s a question Arizona disability lawyers handle daily in determining how to help people who have been disabled through illness or accident apply for Social Security disability insurance benefits (SSDI) when they can no longer work.  Applying for […]

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Roeschke Law, LLC discusses why medical schools should mandate training in caring for disabled patients.

Medical Schools Should Mandate Training in Caring for the Disabled

Q: Are Doctors Trained to Recognize and Treat Intellectually or Developmentally Disabled Patients? Disability attorneys of Arizona are trained to help disabled people and their families navigate the complex process of accessing federal government disability benefits.  Applying for disability benefits requires the applicant to meet the federal government’s definition of being “disabled”, meaning they suffer […]

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The shortage of care attendants negatively impacts independent living for disabled.

Shortage of Care Attendants Impacts Independent Living for Disabled

Will an attendant shortage force disabled people into institutional care? Some people are born with a physical or mental disability and others develop a disability through illness, accident, or injury at some point during their lives. Fortunately, the federal government, through the Social Security Administration, offers assistance to the disabled.  Although both federal disability benefits […]

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The plastic straw ban can negatively impact the disabled.

Plastic Straw Ban Impacts Disabled

Is a ban on plastic straws unfair to the disabled? Anti-plastic legislation, including bans on single-use plastic bags typically used for grocery shopping and plastic drinking straws, are being enacted across the country and beyond. Many supporters feel such legislation with respect to banning plastic straws is a no-brainer or a win-win. Merchants save money […]

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