Someone on a non-ada compliant website.

Litigation Rising on Behalf of Disabled Over Non-ADA Compliant Websites

Q: Do websites have to accommodate disabled users? Disability attorneys of Arizona understand the many barriers that the disabled face on a daily basis and work to help them access Federal Social Security disability benefits.   Applying for disability benefits is a complex process and two-thirds of initial applications are denied. Trusting your application for benefits […]

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Blind individual's service animal.

When Pigs Fly: Changing the Service Animal Definition on Airplanes

Q: What service animals can I bring on a plane? Getting through the arduous process of applying for disability benefits is faster and easier with the assistance of a skilled Arizona disability benefits attorney. Qualifying for Social Security disability benefits means meeting the federal government’s definition of being “disabled” which is “suffering from a physical […]

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Denied claim of social security disability claim.

How Do I Appeal a Denial of My Social Security Disability Claim?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) reviews applications for disability benefits under SSI and SSDI. SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) provide benefits for disabled individuals in the United States. Denials of Social Security disability claims are common. An Arizona disability benefits attorney can help you appeal your denial of disability benefits […]

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Young man with Down Syndrome, getting ready for work.

Down Syndrome & Social Security Disability Benefits

Q: Is Down Syndrome a qualifying impairment for disability benefits? The federal government offers two different disability benefits programs, both administered through the Social Security Administration “SSA”. The first program, Social Security Disability Insurance or “SSDI”, is available to disabled people who can satisfy the work history requirements, regardless of their financial status. The second […]

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Man using the jobs access program to go to an interview.

Solving Transportation Issues for the Disabled

Q: How can disabled people get to and from job interviews or work? Disability attorneys of Arizona help disabled individuals and their family members access the disability benefits they deserve.  The federal government offers two different disability benefits programs – Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) and Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”). The former is available to […]

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A young disabled adult at his school.

Three Options for Disabled Adult Child Benefits

Q: What Social Security benefits may a disabled adult child be entitled to? Universally, parents of disabled children fear dying as they worry who will become caretakers of their disabled child after they are gone. Parents often age quicker and become sick themselves trying to keep up with the caregiving demands of their special needs […]

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Losing Your Disability Benefits

Q: What should you do if you are losing your disability benefits? Disability Attorneys of Arizona is dedicated to helping clients and their families access federal Social Security disability benefits in their time of need. If you are fearful of losing your disability benefits, you may need the help of an experienced social security disability […]

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Roeschke Law discusses the impact of legally-assisted suicide on the disabled.

The Impact of Legally-Assisted Suicide on the Disabled

Q: How would legally-assisted suicide impact the disabled? Arizona disability benefits attorneys help a wide range of suffering people and their families access available government benefits.  The two federal government disability benefits programs are Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) and Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”). While the former requires a certain work history and work credits […]

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Roeschke Law LLC discusses how theme park disability access passes are sparking lawsuits.

Theme Park Disability Access Passes Spark Lawsuits

Q: Do disability access passes and policies provide reasonable accommodations for the disabled? Disability benefits attorneys of Arizona understand that living with a disability is difficult on a daily basis. Whether the disability is a physical impairment or a mental one—or both—the pain and/or other symptoms associated with it may present the disabled child or […]

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Roeschke Law LLC discusses the major changes that may be coming to the SSI program.

Major Beneficial Changes May Be Coming to the SSI Program

Q: What changes are proposed by the Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act? Most people know that changes to government programs rarely happen quickly and often offer only minor incremental financial increases, if any. This is evident in minimum wage hikes and cost of living increases over the years. But a new proposed law has Arizona […]

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