Widowed woman being comforted by her daughter.

3 Things You Should Know About Widow and Widower Benefits

While losing a loved one is never easy, losing a spouse can be particularly heart-wrenching. For many Arizona widows and widowers, their emotional stress is often compounded by financial worries.  It might be reassuring to know that the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides payments to eligible widows and widowers of decedents who qualify for benefits. […]

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Disabled woman with crutches.

6 Reasons Why Your Long Term Disability Claim May Be Denied

Replacement income from long-term disability insurance can provide tremendous relief in uncertain times. Long-term disability (LTD) insurance provides wage replacement to people who can’t work due to disability. However, policy coverage alone does not guarantee the approval of long-term disability claims.   When filing for LTD, claimants are pitted against insurance agents whose job is to […]

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Mother and disabled son sitting on the couch.

How to Talk Supportively to Disabled People

Q: How can I avoid offending disabled people in conversation? Some people are born with a mental or physical condition that is qualifying for Social Security disability benefits. Others may be born without a disability but then gradually or suddenly become disabled at some point in their life through an accident or illness.   In either […]

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Disabled man with a mask on to prevent COVID-19

Facemasks, COVID19, and the Disabled Community

Q: What challenges do the disabled face regarding facemasks? Disabled folks face many challenges—from applying for Social Security disability benefits in Arizona, to adjusting to or living with limited income, to navigating life in communities that may not be fully accessible to them, or living isolated lives.  The COVID-19 lockdowns gave some non-disabled people—especially those […]

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Why Would SSI Be Denied?

Why Would SSI Be Denied?

Applicants for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) generally expect to be approved for benefits. That is why they applied in the first place, after all. Sometimes, however, SSI applicants are denied. Reasons for a denial vary and can sometimes fall beyond the control of the applicant. In other cases, the applicant may have done something to […]

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Disability Benefits claim

Hiring a Disability Benefits Law Attorney

Q: What should I look for when hiring an Arizona disability benefits attorney? Most people go through their working years focusing on when they will retire and begin collecting those Social Security retirement benefits that were accruing over the decades through their payroll deductions. But sometimes life cuts that plan short unexpectedly.  At any moment, […]

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Man filing for unemployment benefits while on SSD.

Can I Collect Unemployment If I Was Fired While on Disability?

Having disability insurance can provide critical compensation while you are unable to work. Whether it be short term or long term, disability insurance will pay a portion of income for a set period of time. This can alleviate much of the financial pressure those on disability leave may face. While disability insurance serves an important […]

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Home office for disabled person working remotely.

Post-Pandemic Remote Work Options for the Disabled

Q: Will disabled people benefit from remote work opportunities after the pandemic? One possible benefit that could result after the coronavirus global pandemic resolves is that the world will embrace the new reality of working from home. This would be a wonderful thing for many people – especially the disabled. Disability attorneys of Arizona help […]

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Social security disability claim

How Much Does Social Security Pay a Month?

There are several key requirements you must meet in order to be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. One such requirement is that you must have worked a certain amount of time in jobs that are covered by Social Security. In fact, the actual benefit payment you receive every month will largely depend on […]

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COVID-19 molecules.

Potential Roadblocks to COVID-19 Treatment for the Disabled

Q: Will the disabled be passed over if COVID-19 treatment resources are limited? Disability attorneys of Arizona are dedicated to helping disabled people get the disability benefits they deserve.  Applying for Social Security disability benefits is generally a time-consuming and complex process in which approximately 2/3 of initial applications get denied. So, many people opt […]

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