What are the Top Mistakes Made When Applying for Social Security Disability in Arizona?

What Can I Do To Improve My Chances of Getting the Social Security Benefits I Deserve?

You have worked diligently and hard all your life, but now you find yourself in a dire situation where you must apply for Social Security disability benefits. This is a challenging and sometimes emotional decision, but you earned these rights, and they’re meant to be there when you need the

Every year, millions of Americans and their families face this issue, and if you currently have a disability from an accident or illness, you need these benefits now. However, when starting the application process, it can be overwhelming. Even if you make a mistake on any of the numerous documents needed, you could have to start over or just be denied benefits.

Therefore, it’s always prudent and wise to consult with a disability law firm and obtain their professional assistance throughout the process. Your SSD lawyer is experienced and well-versed in knowing how to analyze your case, what to include in the application, and what is required to get the benefits you are entitled to.

Each case is unique, but the items below will improve your chances of getting the needed benefits.

  • File your claim as soon as possible – Never hesitate to start your application, as you need benefits now, which could be a lengthy process.
  • If you must appeal, do it within 60 days – If you are initially rejected, your lawyer will expedite your appeal while your case is still active.
  • Provide full and inclusive disclosure of your medical history and treatment – Thorough and detailed medical information is vital to approve your claim; your SSD lawyer is an expert at gathering what’s necessary.
  • Provide recent proof of your current treatment – This is vital information that helps prove that you are still suffering from your injury or ailment and being actively treated.
  • Report all your symptoms accurately, don’t exaggerateBe accurate in all your information, but do not embellish or lessen it.

Your case is unique, and more may be needed, but these documents, forms, and information must be complete, in-depth, and comprehensive. Ensuring all these forms are filled out correctly is mandatory for your SSD approval, and consulting with your Social Security Disability lawyer will significantly increase your chances of getting the benefits you need.

What Are Some of the Most Common Mistakes When Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits?

Filing for Social Security Disability benefits is always challenging and usually highly frustrating if you try to do it alone. There’s also the chance that you are missing benefits that your lawyer would know about and, therefore, you don’t get what you deserve.

For example, if denied, many people fail to appeal or don’t follow through on the ongoing medical care they need. Although the SSA does outline how to apply for disability benefits, the wise move is never to attempt to apply for these benefits on your own.

The most common mistakes that people make when applying are;

  • Always thoroughly do your researchDo your research and find out all the available benefit options, check to see if you qualify, and get organized.
  • Check the status of your claim regularly – Even minor issues may delay your case, but if you’re aware of them and they are corrected, this will move your case along much more rapidly.
  • Missing appointments or deadlines – Deadlines on all applications are critical. For example, if you are denied, you have 60 days from receiving your denial notice to request an appeal or start over.
  • Never exaggerate your illness or disability – Always be as truthful as possible about your disability and the dire impact it has had on your life. Honesty is critical in your application process.
  • ·Continue to receive your medical treatment – Solid and current evidence must prove that your medical condition doesn’t allow you to work at your current job.

The most common and harmful error you can make is believing you can handle your application and case alone. This is the most common reason your claim may be denied. Therefore, if you want your application done precisely, correctly, and rapidly, you should always enlist the help of a qualified, professional San Diego Social Security Disability lawyer to assist in this process from beginning to end.

If My Application Is Incomplete, Will I Automatically Be Denied Benefits?

Unfortunately, yes, that may be the case. Filling out your application is your first (and possibly last) chance to tell your story to the SSA. So, it would be best if you were specific and detailed in the application and process.

The SSA will only use the information you initially provide to evaluate your claim. You could be denied if you miss or don’t provide enough detail.

The SSA will use the names, dates, and contact information you provide to search your medical records. They will usually order records up to 1 year before you tell them that your disability began. If you omit past medical providers’ contact information, they will not be able to get records in that period; this will almost always hurt your case and impact their final decisions.

Remember, you are entitled to these benefits, but you will only get what you deserve if the SSA has a complete list of your conditions. Applying correctly, with all the proper information, is critical to receiving your benefits, and your skilled, thorough, and experienced SSD lawyer is well-versed in this challenging matter.

What Does the SSA Use To Make Decisions on My Eligibility For SSD Benefits?

Deciding on your benefits is a highly detailed process, as the SSA must determine if you are genuinely disabled and receive benefits.

They usually start with your job and if you still can perform it. They must also know if you learned other skills while doing your recent job. The SSA will not deem you disabled (or provide benefits) unless your illnesses, injuries, or conditions prevent you from doing your job.

All information regarding your education and training is vital to this process. They may feel you can’t do your current job, but you might be suitable for other work due to your age, education, training, and work experience.

Always remember that each SSD case differs, but your skilled disability lawyer is highly familiar with how the SSA makes decisions and will provide all the documents and proof possible to validate and successfully prove your case and receive the benefits you deserve.

I Should Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits; How Should I Proceed?

At any moment, illness or injury can cut you off from earning a living for yourself and your family. This is when Social Security Disability benefits become vitally important to your future. However, this application process is daunting, overwhelming, and complex and involves stacks of documents, medical records, and much more.

Consulting with an experienced, knowledgeable, empathetic, and thorough San Diego Social Security Disability lawyer will help to ensure you file correctly and comprehensively the first time.

The disability lawyers at Roeschke Law, LLC understand how complex this process is, especially while coping with a dire medical condition. But they stand ready to provide you with professional representation in a caring, professional, communicative, and detailed manner.

Call them today at (800) 975-1866, and they will help to ensure you obtain the disability benefits you need and rightfully deserve.