How Long Do Arizonans Typically Wait for Social Security Disability Approvals?

Is There Any Waiting Period Before I Can Apply for Social Security Disability in Arizona?

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits is always a challenging and lengthy process. This is why most people attempting to navigate the process alone get incorrect applications returned, must start over, or even are denied.

There is commonly a “waiting period” before you can apply for SSD benefits that lasts for five whole months after the onset of your disability.

However, if your approval for disability benefits lasts more than five months, you may receive a “retroactive payment” for the extra months. For example, if you are approved ten months after your disability began, you could get a retroactive payment for five months all at once. There is also no waiting period if you apply for childhood disability benefits (CDB).

All disability cases have unique circumstances, but as a general rule, if you apply for SSD in Arizona, it usually takes one to five months for your initial application to be reviewed and decided upon.

This is only a general rule, and the process may take longer in many cases. This would depend on your case’s complexity and the Social Security Administration (SSA) workload in your area.

Once the SSA has decided on your case, you will get a disability determination notice. This letter states whether they’ve approved or denied your application. However, these letters can have caveats and be confusing. Even if you’re approved, you should consult with a skilled, experienced Social Security Disability lawyer to ensure you understand it thoroughly. This is especially true if you are initially denied, as you should appeal, as there are deadlines, etc., that must be dealt with professionally.

The only valid way to speed up this usually daunting and lengthy process is to obtain the help of a qualified, thorough, and diligent SSD law team. Mistakes on applications, missing paperwork, etc., will all make this process longer and may even get you denied. Your SSD lawyer will always ensure that your paperwork is handled professionally, no mistakes are made, and you apply for all the benefits you’re entitled to.

What Does The SSA Do When Making a Decision on My Application

When the SSA gets your full application, along with all the documentation and contact information needed, they send it to the state agency that makes disability decisions.

The SSA has medical and vocational experts who will contact all your doctors, physical therapists, etc., and get a complete and detailed report on your condition, your prognosis, and more.

Usually, you will be sent another set of forms to complete or even be asked to have an examination or other medical testing at one of their designated doctors.

It’s vital to note that if the SSA does request additional examinations or testing, you must always follow through and go to any appointment they set up. Commonly, you will not pay out of pocket for any of these further examinations or tests, but taking them is critical to the approval process.

This is another part of the process where the help and guidance of your Social Security Disability lawyer will prove invaluable to your success. The application process can get highly complex, and dealing with the SSA is a skill that your law team has developed over time, and this skill can significantly aid in your SSD approval.

What If, After Five or Ten Months, the SSA Denies My Application?

Going into this application process, be aware that the SSA will often turn down your first application for disability benefits. However, you have options, and you can request a different examiner or medical group to reconsider your claim, among other things.

Also, if initially denied, you and your lawyer can file for a hearing with an SSA administrative judge. The SSA has a singular system formed and operated solely for this purpose.

You must go to a hearing, which is often required, before getting your SSD approval. These hearings commonly result in about twenty-five percent of SSD applicants getting the benefits they deserve.

These hearings usually last about an hour but could last considerably longer, depending on the complexity and circumstances of your case.

Also, Social Security Disability hearings can take place in different places and ways, such as:

  • Both you and your SSDI Lawyer can go to a Social Security Administration (SSA) office in your area.
  • Many hearings are currently held online in your lawyer’s office.
  • Some can be done with a simple phone call.
  • Additionally, teleconferences can be held at an SSA facility if you don’t have the needed tech equipment.

This is just another reason that the help of a skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable SSDI lawyer is mandatory. These hearings are not trials and are much less formal; it is always in your best interests to have your SSDI lawyer by your side.

Are There Ways I Can Speed Up the SSD Application Process?

Yes, there are ways to attempt to speed up this application process, and your experienced SSD lawyer will be able to help you the most in this regard.

For example, the Social Security Administration (SSA) can expedite processing for certain applicants with specific medical conditions, facing challenging circumstances, or serving in the U.S. military. If you aren’t in one of these groups, there still are steps you can take to try to speed up the process.

Your lawyer will explain that if your medical condition qualifies, you may be entitled to expedited processing under two Social Security programs, “Compassionate Allowances” and “Quick Disability Determinations” (QDD). A little over 175,000 claims yearly are fast-tracked, especially if your lawyer files their applications electronically and online.

You don’t have to ask for a Compassionate Allowance or QDD, as the Social Security Administration uses digital means to flag potentially eligible applications. However, your lawyer will usually know if you have a qualifying condition, and all disability experts know that it won’t hurt to note that on your application form.

I Need To File For Social Security Disability and Need My Benefits Fast; How Should I Proceed?

The best advice if you want to expedite the application process for receiving Social Security Disability benefits is not to attempt to navigate this government maze alone. An experienced, knowledgeable, and thorough SSD lawyer will take the time needed to analyze your singular case and its specifics thoroughly, help you process it efficiently and correctly, and cut through as much of the red government tape as possible.

Your lawyer may also know more about what benefits you may be missing and will work tirelessly to help you get all you deserve.

The Social Security Disability lawyers at Roeschke Law LLC are dedicated to giving you informed, empathetic, caring, and efficient means to apply for and receive the SSD you are entitled to.

Call them today at (800) 975-1866 for a complete case evaluation on how to proceed most effectively to obtain the total Social Security Disability benefits you and your family need.