Will New Social Security Disability Claims Rules Make it Harder on Applicants for Benefits?

Now more than ever, applicants for Social Security disability benefits (“SSDI”) may benefit from the assistance of attorneys who specialize in Social Security disability law during the benefits application and/or appeals process.

The process to apply for SSDI benefits, or to appeal the denial of those benefits, has always been complex, but new rules enacted on March 27, 2017 have changed the game even more and have some critics worried that it will be harder for people to be able to prove that they are entitled to disability benefits.

In an effort to “reflect modern healthcare delivery”, the Social Security Administration enacted new rules. There are two changes in particular that critics worry may prevent people from receiving justly due disability benefits.

One is the elimination of the so-called “treating-physician rule” which had required that significant weight be given to an applicant’s physician’s report when determining whether the applicant was entitled to disability benefits.

Another worrisome change is that the new rules will no longer “give added weight to disability determinations my other agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs”.

Is unclear how the new rules will impact the approval of benefits applications, but the Social Security Administration reports that the percentage of claims approvals has decreased as has the number of people receiving benefits.

Social Security disability benefits attorneys remain hopeful that those applicants who are truly disabled and submit a proper application for benefits will still receive the benefits to which they are entitled despite the new rules.

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